Item Documentation

The Item Document

Here's an example document returned from the /item endpoint. Instructions for filtering item documents are below.

    content: "شاركوها عل أحدا يراها وبنتخي رغم موت النخوة ورديفاتها ↵↵بطل سوري بعد كلامه لا كلام يقال ↵↵رسالة سوري إلى العالم ↵صرخة سوري مخنوق من الألم والقهر",
    summary: "شاركوها عل أحدا يراها وبنتخي رغم موت النخوة ورديفاتها ↵↵بطل سوري بعد كلامه لا كلام يقال ↵↵رسالة سوري إلى العالم ↵صرخة...",
    contentEnglish: "Shared her at anyone he sees and Bnteje despite the death of chivalry and Rdevatha↵↵Syrian hero after his words are not the words said↵↵Syrian message to the world↵Syrian smothered cry of pain and oppression",
    createdAt: "2014-05-31T20:32:35.911459",
    fromURL: "",
    geo: {
        addressComponents: {
            adminArea1: "Syria",
            formattedAddress: "Syria"
        coords: [
    id: "BBBuOiVFTraJK1P9uSoyYg",
    image: "",
    language: {
        code: "ar"
        name: "Arabic"
        nativeName: "العربية"
    license: "facebook",
    lifespan: "temporary",
    publishedAt: "2014-05-31T20:25:29+00:00",
    remoteID: "239595936238619",
    source: "facebook",
    tags: [
            confidence: 1,
            name: "death"
    updatedAt: "2014-05-31T20:32:43.784292",
    video: ""
Property Name Description Type
content Full-length description for this item. string
summary Either the item title, or truncated content. The content property is sometimes very long, so this is helpful for displaying item data in lists or other visualization where space is limited. string
contentEnglish Machine-translated content for non-English items. string
createdAt Datetime at which the item was indexed in CrisisNET. string in format %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%f (format code explanation)
fromURL Fully-formed URL where this item can be found online. string
geo Object containing geospatial information. object
geo.addressComponents Object containing address information object
geo.addressComponents.admin1-admin5 Country, region, sub-region and city strings string
geo.addressComponents.formattedAddress Full address string using whichever admin1-admin5 properties are available string
geo.coords Longitude, latitude pair array of floats
id Unique identifier for this document in CrisisNET string
image Fully-formed URL of an image asset associated with this item string
language Object containing information about the item's original language object
language.code Two-letter ISO code string English name for this language string
language.nativeName Name of this language in its native character set string
license Name of license applied to this document. Use this in conjunction with the /license endpoint string
lifespan The item's temporal relevance. The location of a police station is permanent, a report from social media is temporary string
publishedAt Datetime at which this item was published at its original source string in format %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%f (format code explanation)
remoteID Unique identifier of this document at its original source string
source Name of the original provider of this item. Use in conjunction with the /source endpoint string
tags Array of objects used for categorization and other metadata. Use the /system-tags endpoint for a full list of available tags. string
tags.confidence The relative degree of confidence that this tag has been accurately applied. number between 0 and 1, where 1 is absolute confidence Tag name. Whenever possible this will be consistent from item to item. string
updatedAt Datetime at which this item was last updated by CrisisNET string in format %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%f (format code explanation)
video Fully-formed URL of a video asset associated with this item string

Filtering Data

Use filters to shape your item data stream in whatever way makes the most sense for your use case.

Name Description Type/Example
before Only retrieve records before this date/time. timestamp in ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ eg before=2014-02-10T10:50:42.389Z
after Only retrieve records after this date/time. timestamp like before
tags Get records matching all of these tags (get the full list of available tags from the /system-tag endpoint, described below). comma-separated list of strings eg tags=health,injury
text Full-text search on summary, content and tags. url-formatted string eg text=needle+in+haystack
location Coordinates around which to search. coordinate pair of longitude, latitude eg location=36.821946,-1.292066
distance Get records within x meters of location. Defaults to 200. number in kilometers, eg distance=10
placeName Name of any city, state, region or country string, egplaceName=Damascus
limit Limits the number of records returned. Defaults to 25, max is 500. number, eg limit=100
offset Useful in conjunction with limit for paginatated through results. number, eg offset=25
sources Limit results based on where they originated (outside of CrisisNET) comma-separated list of strings eg sources=ushahidi,gdelt
licenses Limit to records with specific licenses. Useful if you're looking for data to use commercially, for example. comma-separated list of strings, eg licenses=cc,facebook
sortBy Property used to order result set. Deafults to publishedAt any valid property name, eg sortBy=title
sortDirection First to last (ascending) or last to first (descending). Deafults to desc asc for ascending or desc for descending, eg sortDirection=asc
hasPhoto Only return items that have an image property boolean, eghasPhoto=true
hasVideo Only return items that have a video property boolean, eghasVideo=true
ids Retrieve a specific set of item documents based on their id property comma-separate list of strings, egids=BBBuOiVFTraJK1P9uSoyYg,AAAuOiVasdfK1P9dsfgSoyYg